American guy in Bangkok

Hello! My name is Jake and I is an American guy. I have been following My Thai Cupid for a long time, But if I know it been down for a long time.

Now I see its back and have a new look. I am so happy for that new hot Thai Girls and New stories. I miss the old My Thai Cupid, but it will be okay I think.

I love the new look and it’s new and soon it will be full of hot Thai Girls. it Saw that Thai Girls wrote stories.

I usually read a couple of times a week on this blog. I live half years in Thailand and work with various computer companies here in Bangkok.

I have a Thai Girlfriend but it’s the first time I’m in a hospital in Bangkok. But guys! The Thai Girls I have been seeing. Which bodies and….. Ha Ha Ha.

it’s like heaven on earth just wonderful so wonderful and nice Thai Girls who work here. Think I’ll go in again on a new operation Ha Ha Ha.

Sorry to joke but here there are so many beautiful Thai Girls is crazy. Now I know where all Hot Thai Girl it is hidden.

I go where I brought out one of those Thai Angels she came in with my breakfast lucky that my Thai Girlfriend was not in my room.

My eyes were like ping pong balls. I just wanted to say to you that Thai Girls are hot, super sexy, and wonderful and good luck on your hunt for your Thai Girlfriend. Jake Bangkok hopes you like the Photo ….

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