Thai Girls – Nana

Sawadee Kaa! My name is Nana from Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand. I am 24 years old and as you can see of my photo that imvery attractive Thai Girl. Im 1.65 cm and 48 kg, long black hair but now i have coloured it to be more of brown mix.

I’m working as marketing different products for beauty companies. I do advertising in internet and sometimes im in malls with this products to show for customers.

I like pets and specially dogs. In my free time i stay home and watch tv with my Thai family and sometime with Thai friends.

In my country Thailand now we have Song Kran Festival (Thai New Year) celebrations. My elder Thai sisters working with a beauty contest and they will marketing my products for the village where i am actually born, souteast of Bangkok.

I want to meet a western man from USA, my cousin lives there in Miami, Florida. She recomended me for some guy before but that man didnt wanna come to Thailand to see me so im no longer intrested of him. If you see this, then you should contact me in Thai and i can say im good Thai Girl with bachelour degree, kaa

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