My Hot Thai Bride

OK, I’ve been married to my Thai girl for about 1 year now and she lives here in the UK with me. She is my Hot Thai Bride. Yes, she is hot. I found her while visiting Thailand a few years ago. She is a Thai girl from Chiang Mai and we basically fell in love over a 3 month stay that I was in Thailand for. It’s been a great ride for the last few years and I’m looking for a few more good years.

You can’t believe the things you read about Thai girls wanting to marry for money because my Thai girl came from money. Her parents are a wealthy Thai family from Chiang Mai and made their money in the rice export business and so she didn’t fall in love with my money, she fell in love with me and I fell in love with her.

There are good Thai girls out there. You just have to weed through the ones that want only money. Despite what you might have heard, there aren’t a lot of them looking for money.

Only the bar girls want money and if you stay away from those girls, you’re bound to find a Thai girl that is unique. I have friends that date real Thai girls and not one time has it been about money.

My Thai girls name is Le and we live here in the UK. She helps me with my business and once every two months we go back to Thailand to see her family. Her family has been here to the UK a couple times and it’s just been great. I want to shout to the world that I’m the happiest man alive but I can’t yell very loud! HA. Wish us much luck and I wish you all the same in your search for a Thai girl. Thanks for letting me tell my short story. I’ll keep you posted on our success. Children are in the near future…


Kyle Z

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